Vienna, Austria

                                                   HALLO VIENNA

Vienna is a city in Central Europe and the capital of Austria. It is an ancient fortress city that lies on the East bank of Danube River.100 years ago this glittering city gave birth to an Artistic Cultural Revolution. It was the Revolution that changed the future and forever secured Vienna’s place as one of the great city of the world. Today visitors flock to Vienna to experience the dynamic Art Culture, they to come to drink coffee and to enjoy some of the world’s magnificent art work. The best way to explore Vienna is on foot.

What to do in Vienna??

  • SCHONBRUNN PALACE-Colossal yellow palace is one of the great Palaces in Europe.  It has more than a thousand rooms and Beautiful gardens.
  • THE PRATER- It is an Amusement Park and Renowned in the whole world and entry here is free.
  • COFFEE HOUSES- Vienna is Renowned for its vast number of coffee houses, must try place is Café Sacher.
  • JOSEPHINUM ANATOMICAL DISPLAY- Based at the Vienna school of surgeons founded in 1782
  • VISIT MUSEUMS- Vienna is full of Museums, some of the must visits are Imperial Palace(Hofburg), Belvedere Palace Museum, Kunsthistorisches museum The third man Museum, The Natural History Museum
  • Wonder through VOLKSGARTEN
  • Marvel at the National Library 
  • Experience a night of Classic music
  • Enjoy the detailed and beautiful architecture of St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Best foodie Experience-

  • Evo Bistro- a wine bar
  • Assaggi osteria- Try crisp fried calamari and zucchini here.
  • Bazin’s on Church- Porcini risotto balls with mozzarella and lamb shank with citrus rosemary gremolata and smoked onion sauce is a must try here
  • Woo lae oak- try crunchy Mung bean Pancakes.

Vienna is a truly inspirational city and a city where you can walk on the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest Mind. Explore monumental Palaces and cathedrals, enjoy the Opera, sit back and Relax with a cup of coffee and let your heart be serenaded by one of the most beautiful cities, Vienna.