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January is always a hard month for the purse, with a lot of travel and food, but for me it is a godsend. The famous Viennese cafés and their famous Viennese cafés bring out the best in me without having to pay excessive prices for hotel breakfasts.

I must also mention the very friendly staff and concierge staff who do their utmost to welcome you to the hotel and provide you with useful information to make the most of your time in the city. The K & K Group is a Habsburg empire and the fact that its new hotel is located just a few steps from the Museumsquartier and a short walk to the Ring is a real gift and makes your stay unforgettable. As they are well looked after, extremely comfortable and a valued guest, I am always happy to visit.

The pedestrian zone KA - rntner Straße, one of the most important streets in the city, has been renovated just a few steps away. If you need to travel further, the nearest regional train is at the town square, where you can also take the City Airport Train (CAT).

Upon arrival at the hotel, order a club sandwich delivered to your room and enjoy Austrian specialities while you enjoy Wagner and Verdi. Round off the day with a glass of wine in one of the hotel's many bars and restaurants.

If you are the type who drinks a lot of different teas and you want an alcohol-free afternoon tea, the Palais Hansen Vienna is more than suitable. InterContinental Vienna gets its tea from a Frankfurt tea house, and indeed the Executive Lounge has its own private tea room with a selection of tea options.

For visitors who want to explore history and spend a day savouring local flavours, the hotel offers the perfect location and easy access. The Brasserie is open for up to three meals a day, a great option for those who take their holiday seriously. The hotel is ideally located for one of the city's most popular restaurants, such as the beer garden or the town square. Hosting the best clubs and lounges in Vienna is unique in this city and designed for the luxury of travellers.

A good tip is to ask if you can have breakfast in one of the bustling restaurants, which can get a bit crowded on a busy morning. The Hilton Vienna Plaza has a really nice bar, and we see that this gives you an idea of what to expect. Experience the wonderful view of Vienna, as well as the beautiful view from the hotel balcony and convince yourself.

So you shouldn't expect afternoon tea at the InterContinental Vienna to be cheap, but rather to be generous with your food. We were offered Mozartkugel from Vienna, which we had to refuse because I am allergic to hazelnuts.

The Danube Hilton is a bit like a river cruise factory and can offer the cheapest Hilton hotels in Vienna, but it won't disappoint. We only had 24 hours in Vienna and did not want to waste too much time in the hotel. As there was no immediate connection, we had the opportunity to spend all 24 hours in Vienna and check the InterContinental Vienna Hotel at the same time. If you want to book a luxury short break in Austria, I recommend the Intercontinental.

Close to the renowned Vienna State Opera, visitors from all over the world enjoy excellent local pastries. Plachutta is best known for its beef dishes and has become a bastion of a number of traditional Viennese cuisine. There are many pasta to choose from, including the famous Wiener Peche, the most popular pastry in Vienna and one of the best in Europe.

The InterContinental Vienna is ideally located in the centre of Vienna and is a great base for exploring this fascinating city. The city is also known for its baroque street landscapes and imperial palaces, including the famous town square, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Just steps away from the pedestrian area of Karntner Straße, this hotel in Vienna is in the immediate vicinity of the renowned Vienna State Opera and the nearby Goldenness Quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The rest of the morning you can admire the architecture and explore the many museums, galleries, restaurants, shops and cafés, as well as the many restaurants in the city.

Each room has windows with city views, so you have a view of the city from your bed, as well as your own private garden or garden area. Each room also has pictures and windows and has a private bathroom and shower. Guests have access to a private bathroom, a private shower or shower room or even a guest room with a private bathroom.

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