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When it comes to bars and nightlife in Vienna, one of the underrated jewels, Travel Shack is a student bar that is highly recommended and would be a great place for anyone to try. Praised for its good food, great drinks and great atmosphere, it is considered one of the cool alternative clubs in Vienna. Wien Unpacked spoke to the owner of Travel Shack, the young generation taking the helm, and he shares his thoughts on the club.

This bar, club and joint is one of the most complete experiences Vienna has to offer when it comes to spending the night outside. re on the town after a night out or just for a good time with friends and family, the Kitsch Bar is a great choice. A cosy inn is always a must - go for Christmas when the Spittelberg comes to life with its famous Christmas market. If you are looking for a fun evening in Vienna with good food, good drinks and a great atmosphere, you will find a wide range of bars in the city.

Shops in Vienna are open longer than most (until 21) on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday, but not on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you want to see everything Gurtel has to offer, the B72 is a great base and is located in the heart of the city, but if you're not afraid to queue, the Vie Ai Pee is also a great place for you to be in Vienna and you can buy yourself a few beers, a bottle of wine or two and a few drinks. The club is usually littered with extra-strict security measures and there is probably no better place in Vienna to relax and feel comfortable. There are many temptations to promise, but the most important is that it is the perfect place not only to stay overnight, but also to enjoy the wonderful Viennese nightlife.

Bbe with a bar where you can dance all night under the open sky, with the best view of the city and the most beautiful views.

The city is also known for its vibrant nightlife, a genre for all generations. If you are a party animal and want to experience the madness and fun of the iconic city of Vienna, you can explore some of the best student bars to spend an unforgettable night. While you are doing cultural activities, we can visit the most unique student bar in this city. So if you're looking for a place to stay in Vienna, here are the five best student pubs to visit and enjoy some pretty cool drinks.

If beer tastings are your thing, it's worth a visit and an annual highlight of queer events in Vienna. Vienna has hundreds of balls every year, from the annual Vienna Pride Ball on the first Sunday in February to the glamorous Opera Ball on 31 January.

One of the most elegant places in Vienna is the Volksgarten, where a club and a disco are waiting for you. Bebe, a dark club in Vienna, right next to the train station and a snack bar with delicious Viennese street food.

The first nightclub Vienna ever had was founded in 1990 and rose to the top of the list of the best clubs in Vienna.

Like any other Germanic city, however, Vienna has a very active underground scene, led by downtempo hero Kruder Dorfmeister. In recent years, the association has also performed in other places, and it is attributed to rhiz and some other places to breathe new life into the then dilapidated Gurtel and its former home, the town square. Vienna is at the top of the quality of life charts, but it also has a reputation for being a city where people celebrate. Finally, Vienna was awarded the highest quality of life award for the eighth time in a row in 2017.

The Danube Bar is one of the most unique places you have ever seen and should not be missed on your trip to the city. It's a great place to have dinner with friends or have a good beer and wine, but there are also many other great bars and restaurants in Vienna, so visit it!

This stylish bar is located in the Volkstheater in Vienna's city centre and offers electronic music shows and events around funk, disco and other genres. This disco club in Vienna has created the perfect ambience to spend an electrifying evening.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Vienna in our dating guide, you have come to the right place. We've compiled our list of the most popular Viennese nightclubs for singles and packed it with some tips and tricks for dating in the city. I didn't really fancy being here, but I enjoyed my time here and The nightlife of singles in Budapest is not really far away.

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