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There are many wonderful things to see and do in the Austrian capital all year round, but I usually visit Vienna in the months before Christmas. Almost every year around Christmas I visit the Austrian capital and today I would like to present you a list of my top 50 activities for Vienna this winter. I haven't been bored so far, there are just so many things you can do in December around Vienna, whether it's holidays or just fun. This article focuses mainly on the things I did in Vienna in December. And I will focus mainly on Vienna.

Honestly, there are over 500 different things I could do right away, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

The following list contains 20 unusual things to do in Vienna, some of the best food you can try in winter to visit Vienna in winter and some other fun things to do. With these details, here are what I think are some good things you can do while you visit Vienna to get a real Viennese experience. In this way you will dive deeper into some unique and interesting parts of this city and discover a completely new side of Vienna. The great thing about Christmas in Austria: 20 fun and unusual places to try something to eat in the winter in Vienna - time.

If you have chosen some of the things you should do in Vienna to put them on your list, you should be sure that they are at the top of the list. Vienna has several museums to choose from, but in my humble opinion this is the one to visit. Liek, I say at the beginning that every museum lover will have a never-ending itinerary with a list of the best museums and things to do in the city.

Similar to the Hofburg, this is one of the most historic places in Vienna, but not far away. There are many beautiful things to see and do while you are here, and this is one of the most important places you can see inVienna.

If you like to visit museums, there are several ways to explore and enjoy the world of class in Vienna. With a Vienna Pass you can visit most of the best museums, including the following three museums, which we highly recommend for beginners to Vienna. While in the museum, you can definitely visit the Museumsquartier, one of our largest districts in Vienna!

The Hofburg in the historic centre of Vienna is the former imperial power that once led large parts of Europe to the Austrian capital. Vienna Austria was the winter palace of the rulers of Austria-Hungary and was for centuries the home of the Habsburgs. It is one of our main tourist attractions in Vienna and houses some of the most famous and historic buildings in Austria, such as the Hofburg and St. Peter's Palace.

Today, you can admire some of Vienna's most famous buildings on the banks, such as the Hofburg and St. Peter's Basilica. Read our guide to 5 alternative activities in Vienna and the three-star hotels are fantastic value.

Entry to the lounge is free, although a meal overlooking the cocktail bar costs a pretty penny, making it one of our top free activities in Vienna. If you want to travel to Vienna with your family and experience history in a more interactive way, you can enjoy a free visit to Time Travel Vienna. Attractions include the Hofburg Palace and St. Peter's Basilica, as well as some of Vienna's most famous buildings. Don't miss the only chance to see Vienna from the famous Ferris wheel, one of the city's most notorious and popular attractions.

If you visit Vienna for three days or more, you should take a day trip to discover more of Austria. For a more structured and stylish city tour, the Vienna Free Tour offers self-guided free tours as well as tips for sightseeing. You can follow the guided tours or read our one-stop tour planning guide to get detailed information about the various sights in Vienna.

For inexpensive travelers, there is the Vienna City Card, the Vienna Pass and the Vienna Free Tour. You can purchase a Vienna Pass or a Vienna City Card, including 1 hip-hopping, and receive a discount on the various attractions you will explore during your 2-day stay in Vienna. The ViennaPass allows you to explore Vienna for 24-48 hours and entitles you to free public transport, free parking and free Wi-Fi throughout the city.

If visiting museums is high on your list of Vienna attractions, consider a Vienna Museum Card, which can save you time and money. Jewish Vienna, find out where you can go and what Jewish tours are offered during your stay. Have a look at our guide to where Vienna can easily move on from Vienna to your next European destination.

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