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The Austrian capital is in motion almost every year around Christmas, and I usually visit Vienna in the month before Christmas. There are just so many things to do in Vienna in December, but this article will focus mainly on some of them. So far I haven't been bored, so I'm happy to share a few things I did in Vienna this December.

There is a lot to do in Vienna, and it is easy to spend a week seeing everything, but if you only have a weekend, I can still have my itinerary full. If you want to visit Vienna in one day, you should make the most of it or enjoy all the activities in Vienna while you have more time. Basically, you could spend the whole day in Vienna, just visiting the museums and not letting things go out. I stayed in Budapest, so I could have spent the day only for the museum in Vienna.

Austria's second largest city is definitely worth more than a day trip, but if you have little time, a day trip offers you a good view of the city and many interesting things to do.

We have a lot more to do, what to do with children in Vienna, how to structure a five-day Vienna route, where to stay and eat in Austria and more ideas can be found in our Insider's Guide to Austria, which includes Vienna to Salzburg and the Danube. Jewish Vienna Fun and Food Tours we have learned are shared with Food Tours Vienna. Do something yourself or contact us to plan your trip.

It is fully stored and downloaded to your device and available for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon and other online stores.

You can also use it as a guide to spending 24 hours in Vienna, what to do with your children in Jewish Vienna and how to spend your halal holiday there. If you want to discover Austrian history, visit the interactive museum of Time Travel Vienna. Whether you are travelling to Vienna with your family or would rather learn about history interactively, you will enjoy a visit to Time Travel Vienna.

It is one of the most striking sights of Vienna and the Imperial Palatinate of the Habsburgs, but you do not have to be a Mozart fan to enjoy a visit to the building. It is home to a number of famous artists, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Franz Ferdinand and Franz Schubert.

Vienna is a city of history, however, and what American travelers discover is that it is only an hour from Vienna. If you are interested in knowing a little more than the average tourist, consider a tour with a guide.

If you like to visit museums, there are several ways to explore and enjoy the world of class in Vienna. With a Vienna Pass you can visit most of the best museums, including the following three museums, which we highly recommend for beginners to Vienna. If you wish, the city's leading hotels host galas, and the above-mentioned attractions are included in the price.

Take a tour on the MS Blue Danube, which is conveniently included in the Vienna Pass. In Vienna, too, you can eat too much if you take a trip to one of the most popular restaurants in the city, such as the Stadtbahnhof or the beer garden.

If you are travelling to Salzburg, it is a perfect stopover, as it is less than 3 hours from Vienna.

Vienna is also a great location almost in the middle of Europe and has great views of neighboring cities and countries such as Austria, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are visiting Vienna for the first time, we recommend a guided tour to get an overview of some of the highlights of Vienna. Vienna is the perfect city for a break, as you can just stroll around on a Vienna Day or a long weekend. It is so much more than just a city, but as it is a seasonally changing entity, you will be able to tick off more sights in Vienna in the future if you tick them off.

Exhibitions attract visitors to the Vienna Castle, one of the most famous museums in the world, and the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts. Look for Vienna Airport when you plan a transfer to your hotel in Vienna. If you are travelling to Vienna by train, you will arrive in time for the start of your journey, so look for it at the airport.

It is difficult to capture the full Vienna experience in 3 days, but this route gives you a great overview of what Vienna has to offer. If you are planning a stopover in Vienna, flights to Vienna Austria include the family stopovers and the itineraries your family can follow.

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